How To Paint a Chest Of Drawers with Farmhouse Paints and Zebra Texture Tissue

July 30, 2016
Today I’m going to show you how to create a fun chest of drawers featuring a Zebra pattern on the drawers. In this particular project, we’ll be using Farmhouse Paints and some Farmhouse Paints Texture Tissues to add the zebra stripes.

To start with, you’ll want to get an unpainted chest of drawers to paint. I found this particular chest at Michaels for about $8. You can probably find one at your own local craft store as well.

The first thing we’re going to do is to add the Farmhouse Paints Zebra Texture Tissue to the drawer faces. First we’ll remove the drawer pulls from the drawer. This particular drawer uses little brad fasteners to secure the pull to the drawer and that makes them easy to remove.

Once the pull has been removed, I’m going to apply a coat of White Ash Farmhouse Paint to the face of the drawer. Just a light coat along the front, as well as each of the bordering sides where we intend to wrap the tissue paper around.


Next, while the paint is still wet, line the paper up over the face of the drawer and press it down evenly onto it. You don’t want any creases, just a nice smooth application. Smooth it out onto the sides as well.


After you’ve done that, you’re going to take a cotton ball and apply some of the Farmhouse Paints Asphaltum Antiquing Gel to the face of the texture tissue. Just like before, we want a light touch. Uniform coverage but not too much.


Set that drawer to the side to dry for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process for as many drawers as you have left.

Once all the drawers are finished, you’ll want to remove the overhanging texture tissue. Just give it a light pull and it should come right away. Take your Asphaltum brush and paint along the sides again once more. This will seal the edges so it won’t fray later on.

If you choose to, you may coat the full sides of the drawer using the Asphaltum. This gives the drawer a nice finished look, as well as provides contrast when the drawers are set into the chest.


Set the drawer aside to dry for another 15 minutes or so and repeat the process for the other drawers. Once they’re all dry, go ahead and add the drawer pulls back by poking them through the tissue paper.

We’ll next move on to the chest. Give it a coating of the White Ash on all the outward-facing surfaces and, once that dries, it will be ready for you to coat with the Asphaltum as well. This gives the White Ash color a weathered, slightly non-uniform appearance.


After another 15 minutes or so, everything should be dry and now you’re the proud new owner of a really beautiful zebra-print chest of drawers!

Be sure to take a look around to see more How-To videos and a full selection of our Farmhouse Furniture Paints.




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